Our Family

Welcome to our family! I am so glad that you have found our little home here on the web. I am your host – Tanya – when I was in 9th grade I met my future husband. We dated in high school for a short period of time, but then went our separate ways. A few years later we ran into each other and while we dated off and on – it was not long before we were back together. We always talked about getting married, but it was a future thing. Until 1995 when we bit the bullet and got hitched on Valentine’s Day – a week later my dear Joel left for the army.

23 years of marriage & 5 kids later… We have landed in our home state of Florida where we live on 5 acres. This is the place where I try to grow a garden and homeschool my children. All while my 11 year old wants a goat, my 8.5 year old wants a horse, my almost 6 year old wants a cat and all 3 are trying to convince me to take in a bearded dragon and fish tank. For some reason they do not believe that 2 dogs, a parakeet, an indoor rabbit, chickens, ducks and geese are not a handful already. This is the place where we are hoping to become more self-sustainable (zombie apocalypse y’all). Want to get in shape (midlife+cake=round middle). Pray that we can be a light to those around us and pave the way for acceptance (LGBTQ family). Learning to live life to the fullest everyday (breathe in, breathe out, repeat). These are the goals of our family and this is my mission field.


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