Habit Training – Obedience

As I read through Volume 1: Home Education I am struck with grief at how I have allowed my “no” to be so easily turned into yes. This has led me to the realization that my children have been trained to respond a certain way to my “no.” Specifically to harass me until I say “I do not care.”

For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee. Psalm 128:2 (Restoration Study Bible)

The labour of my hands has caused this – my fruit is not what I would like to see. My dear children have found that they do not need to obey me or take my word as one of authority. For every “no” can mean “yes” and every “yes” could mean “no.”

My thoughts turn to what must be done. The corrections that must be made. However, my thoughts do not rest purely on my children and their lack of obedience. It is to easy to think that my children are the only ones who need to learn obedience. I ask myself – how am I obedient? Do I follow the truth and the laws that YHWH has placed on my heart? Do I take care of myself the way the Bible commands? Do I raise my children the way He requires? If I am not obedient in these little things – what kind of example am I to my children? I have allowed YHWH’s “no” to be “yes” and His “yes” to be “no.”

First, and infinitely the most important, is the habit of obedience. Indeed, obedience is the whole duty of the child, and for this reason – every other duty of the child is fulfilled as a matter of obedience to his parents. Not only so: obedience is the whole duty of man; obedience to law, to Divine direction. ~ CM Vol. 1 p. 161

Obedience – this is the first habit that we will work on.


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