A Charlotte Mason Experiment

As I read and learn more about what Charlotte Mason actually said regarding Education and Life in general I have to ask myself this question:

Is it possible for a modern day, technology driven, inside staying, loosing our imagination family to change? Can we implement her philosophies into our home? If we did – which ones would stay, which ones would be passed by, and more importantly how will our lives change?

The question that I really would like to know the answer to is this – if we spent the next year implementing her methods into our home – what would our home look like 1 year from now?

So, here is the plan, the deal, the experiment that I am fixing to embark upon

  • Read through her 6 volumes this year (or get as far as possible).
  • Gleam from her knowledge…
  • Put her methods, philosophy, and ideas into action.
  • Keep a record of what happens over the next year.

I am not sure if this experiment will last an entire year. For I am great at starting things and not following through (or changing my mind or getting busy). However, I pray that regardless how far we make it – the time spent working in this manner – will leave me with fruit that is worthy.




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