Influences & Habits

When I began reading CM: Vol 1 Home Education I did NOT expect to be captured within the first 15 pages of Vol. 1.

That is correct, I have not even made it 1 chapter into the book and already I realized I need to make some HUGE changes in our life. Yes, I said life – not homeschool – our life. You see, we are a family of computers, video games, and clutter. Clutter in our house, clutter in our bodies, and clutter in our minds & while I will write more about the clutter in our house and bodies later it is the clutter in our minds that I need to address. While I hate to say it, I must admit my children would rather spend their days gazing into the glare of a screen than outside playing or exploring the world at large. To them outside is boring, hot, and not fun and the reality is I do not think they have the imagination to play outside without swords or Nerf guns at their sides. This in many ways can be viewed as a failure on my part. However, instead of viewing it as a complete loss I have chosen to address the issue as Charlotte Mason states:

“it is more than anything else the home influences brought to bear upon the child that determine the character and career of the future man or woman” ~ Vol. 1 p. 1

That is right 1 page in and Charlotte Mason is already speaking to me about our home life. I sat and pondered our home life and what influences our children. What does our home say to our children about how we act, what we do, what is important, what we value, what we care about? These are not small questions and each one can be answered with joy and heartbreak. For each question has a smorgasbord of answers that could be given. As I continue to ponder our home’s influence I read on… well until I was stopped in my tracks 14 pages later

“It is needless to continue: everybody knows the steps by which the mother’s “no” comes to be disregarded, her refusal teased into consent” ~ Vol. 1 p. 15

Oh my! My heart has been torn from my chest and handed to me on a silver platter. Alas, what shall I do! How does one who’s no is disregarded take back control? While I could speak of habit training my children – I believe it is both my children and myself whose habits need corrected.

So, here we are – two things within 15 pages and major changes need to take place in our lives. The question is how do I change the influences to make them worthy and how do I correct the habits of my children and myself when it comes to disregarding the mother’s “no”? These are the first things that I must address. May the Lord guide me as I pray for guidance and undertake what seems at the moment to be a monumental task.



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