Fat Tuesday

In celebration of Fat Tuesday I made Jambalaya and Kings Cupcakes. It was a delicious meal and a simple affair here at our house. But it is what starts tomorrow that really had me excited. For tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which means Lent begins and I cannot wait! 

This year I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what I can give up for Lent. Unfortunately, I have been drawing blanks. Chocolate, chips, soda, food of some sort is a common item to fast. TV, Facebook, or another electronic is also something many consider. I’ve looked at all of these as an option, but in the the end I decided to join a challenge to spend the next 40 days de-clutttering my house. Clutter is something I definitely need to give up, but is not just physical clutter that needs to go.

As I set out to get rid of 1 bag a day to de-clutter I also want to add value to my life. I want to intentionally bring joy, happiness, and God into every area and throw out the self-hatred, self-destructive, and selfish behaviours I have. I want to succeed in goals that sit on the backburner, because I make excuses for not accomplishing them – whether it’s working out, reading a book, or going to school.

This Lent I’m taking steps to begin living life the way God wants me to. 


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