The Feet of a Child

As I rummaged through the box of shoes looking for a pair to slip on so that I could go check the mail. I came across my 10 year olds flip flops. Hmm, I slip one foot into the shoe and as the realization that our feet are now the same size hits me so does a flood of memories. 

Me pregnant and shoveling snow, holding him right after his birth, playing with him as a baby, toddler, a little boy, the numerous conversations we now have and how he is so excited to stand next to me hoping that he is close to being the same height as me.

It amazes me how fast time slips by. This child who is such a blessing from the Lord above is growing up to fast. In a few years he will be driving, heading to college, and leaving home to start a life of his own. 

But for now I will cherish the time we still have. Too soon his shoes will be to big for me and I will have to look up to see his face. So for now I will savor this moment where I can wear his flip flops to check the mail.


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