DoTerra “Breathe”

Recently I joined DoTerra. To be honest I am not sure why I joined, but I wanted to see if their oils were really as good as some of my friends believe.

Before I go an further though I need to tell you a few things: First, I am not a stranger to essential oils. In fact I use to joke that I used oils years before they became cool. Second, I am aware of the terms used by DoTerra. Third, I know what many say about using oils without a carrier and internally as well as using oils on children.

With that said… Years ago it was recommended to me to use Eucalyptus when one of my older sons would get sick. I would dilute it and rub it on his chest and honestly I never bought Vapor Rub. The oil may not have “healed” his colds, but it always eased the stuffiness and coughing, which resulted in less frequent asthma attacks.

Fast forward 10 years, a few more kids added to our family, and a cold that has been trying to attack my family over the holiday season. We have done quite well holding it off, but as I lay in bed this night I hear my daughter starting to cough in her sleep. My daughter is also asthmatic and 99% of her attacks are a result of a cold. So  I typically go on high alert when she is the one who is catching a cold.

Tonight was no different. I tried to ignore her cough, I prayed it was just a little one, but the longer I laid in bed the more she coughed. I knew by the sound that she didn’t need a breathing treatment, but she did need some relief. I looked at the oils and made a mental note that I do not have eucalyptus and I need to order some more. I have two different kinds for respiratory: Eden’s Garden -Breathe Easy and DoTerra – Breathe. I decided to go with DoTerra since I haven’t tried it yet. I diluted it to be safe in a roller ball put it on her chest and then went back to bed.

The results: she coughed once and has slept soundly ever since. Seriously, I am beyond impressed! I will definitely use Breathe again and hopefully I will have the same results.


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