Welcome to Mom’s Mission Field!

I am Tanya, your host – I have been married for 21 years and have 5 beautiful children ranging from 4 – 19 years old. We spend our days homeschooling, pretending to be homesteaders and enjoying each others company (most of the time). We live in the Southeast on 5 acres with 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 parakeets, a hamster, and 2 American Guinea Hogs.

I love holidays so much that my family says I will make up a holiday just so we can celebrate. We start with the New Year and end with counting the 12 Days of Christmas. We clean our house of leaven for Passover and hide eggs on Easter. We camp during Sukkot and dress up for Halloween. We light the Menorah & the Advent candles. Our goal is to have fun and find God and Jesus in all things.

You see I am on a mission to bring my children to Christ. To have our family grow in God’s love. To bring our family into healthy living. To get out of debt. To learn some new crafts. To bring our homeschool more in line with Charlotte Mason’s philosophies. To live a life of purpose and to live a life worth living.

These are my goals for the new year. This is where I will share about my mission. Welcome to Mom’s Mission Field!


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