Outdoor Challenge

Never be within doors when you can rightly be without ~ Vol. 1 p. 42 If I had to pick only one thing that Charlotte Mason is known for outside of the CM Circles it would be nature study. While it is not nature study that is immediately addressed in the beginning of Home Education being... Continue Reading →


Habit Training – Obedience

As I read through Volume 1: Home Education I am struck with grief at how I have allowed my "no" to be so easily turned into yes. This has led me to the realization that my children have been trained to respond a certain way to my "no." Specifically to harass me until I say... Continue Reading →

A Charlotte Mason Experiment

As I read and learn more about what Charlotte Mason actually said regarding Education and Life in general I have to ask myself this question: Is it possible for a modern day, technology driven, inside staying, loosing our imagination family to change? Can we implement her philosophies into our home? If we did - which... Continue Reading →

Influences & Habits

When I began reading CM: Vol 1 Home Education I did NOT expect to be captured within the first 15 pages of Vol. 1. That is correct, I have not even made it 1 chapter into the book and already I realized I need to make some HUGE changes in our life. Yes, I said... Continue Reading →

My Introduction to CM

For the last 17 years I have homeschooled our children. For the most part we have been eclectic unschoolers. I could never fully buy into being a radical unschooler, but having a daily schedule consisting of curriculum was not going to work either. While this particular method, or lack of, worked well for our older... Continue Reading →

Fat Tuesday

In celebration of Fat Tuesday I made Jambalaya and Kings Cupcakes. It was a delicious meal and a simple affair here at our house. But it is what starts tomorrow that really had me excited. For tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which means Lent begins and I cannot wait!  This year I've been racking my brain... Continue Reading →

The Feet of a Child

As I rummaged through the box of shoes looking for a pair to slip on so that I could go check the mail. I came across my 10 year olds flip flops. Hmm, I slip one foot into the shoe and as the realization that our feet are now the same size hits me so... Continue Reading →

God Sweetened

For years I have felt alone and not worthy of God's love. I watched women come into my life who had the radiance of God pouring out from them. Oh, how I longed to be like them. Yes I was jealous, because I wanted that. I wanted to feel the sweetness that came from their... Continue Reading →

Learning Obedience

"It has been well observed that each of the three recorded temptations of our Lord in the wilderness is a suggestion, not an act of overt sin, but of an act of wilfulness, that state directly opposed to obedience, and out of which springs all that foolishness which is bound up in the heart of... Continue Reading →

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